This week, the Green Teams headed over the road to Hartshill High School to take a look at the animals that they keep there. Some pupils met us and Miss Simpkin let us all have a look around. Outside, they keep sheep, goats, pigs and hens. We were able to feed and stroke them. We liked collecting dandelion leaves and feeding them to the goats !

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We went into their courtyard where they have a big shed. In there, there are loads of different animals. These included parrots, budgies and lovebirds. We gave the parrot some peanuts through his cage. We also saw the chinchillas, degus (like a big gerbil) , rats and a ferret.

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The pupils also showed us a lovely corn snake, a bearded dragon and gecko. If we wanted to we could hold them. The pupils told us about how they look after their animals.

We would like to thank the pupils and Miss Simpkin for letting us visit and for showing us around. We all really enjoyed it!