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Eco-crew have been learning about how we can all save energy both in school and in our lives at home.


We are increasingly using more and more energy as we have so many electronic devices and many of us leave these on standby , rather than turning them off at the switch on the wall. WildlifeKate did an assembly at school, with Eco-crew, to help all the other pupils understand about ways that we can all save energy. This month is Energy Month and the next 2 weeks are called ‘Switch off Fortnight’… when we try at home, school and work to see how many things we could switch off to save energy…..not just for the fortnight but forever!

Why do we use so much electricity and how is it made and how does it get to our houses? This video explains everything in a fun and easy to understand way!

So, how do us humans waste electricity in our homes? We watched bits of this video in assembly and it made us realise how many things we could do to save energy in our homes….

There is a fun game on The Pod that you can play to see if you can spot all the  energy wasting in our homes…. Click on the image…

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WildlifeKate challenged us to go around our homes and see how many items we could take off of standby…. she had 20 badges to give away to the children who brought her a list… nearly all of her badges had gone before 9am on Tuesday morning! Keep it up everyone and we can make a difference!!