We were excited on Friday, when we heard that the BBC Midlands Today team were going to come to our school and film some of the activities going on for Big School Birdwatch!  We had lots planned! WildlifeKate did an assembly first thing in the morning, then  bird watching with pupils from each year group, making bird feeders and we all watched her live cameras in the classroom with our teachers, trying to spot the different species that were visiting.

In assembly, we learnt about why the Big Garden and Big Schools’ Birdwatch happens; it is a Citizen Science project, which means that we all become scientists and give the RSPB our data… that is, the information about the birds we have seen.

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We watched WildlifeKate’s feeder cameras in her garden and there were LOADS of birds on them. You can watch them any time at www.wildlifekate.co.uk

Thousands and thousands of people all over the country do the same and the information gathered helps us understand how well (or not!) different species are doing.

The BBC arrived at 10 o’clock. There was Beccy Wood, the presenter and Joe the cameraman. We spent an hour with a large group of pupils from each year group, going round the school grounds looking out for birds. We had binoculars, our RSPB checklists and even a telescope!

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Beccy interviewed some of us about what we liked about being outside and what we liked about birdwatching and what makes a good birdwatcher. It was fun, and a bit scary in front of the camera! Somethings we had to do several times so the cameraman could get the shot he wanted.

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Beccy hung up some of the fat balls we made last week, with us and also interviewed and filmed Miss Compton and WildlifeKate.

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Then they came inside to Miss Chetwynd’s class and filmed the class practising their bird ID skills using WildlifeKate’s live cameras.

At dinnertime, they left, to race back to the studio as they had to look at all of the film and edit it, ready for it to go out on Midlands Today that very same evening! They had too much footage for the short slot they had for the programme!

During the dinner hour, we were able to keep watching WildlifeKate’s cameras to see how many species we could spot!

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All of us are going to draw a British bird species in our classes to be part of a big Bird Mural! Some classes started and the drawings were looks brilliant! There are prizes for each class for the best picture!

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We also have a great competition with lots of great prizes in each year group. The prizes and the competition entry forms are available in the entrance hall!

Our piece on Midland Today went out just before 8pm. It was only short as there was lots on the programme that day! Some of the lovely interviews they recorded did not go out, sadly, as they had so much lovely footage and not enough time to put it all on. We are hoping they will let us have the film so we can edit it ourselves!

We all really enjoyed the day and we hope to have the the clip on our website very soon!

We took lots of photos and you can see them all on our Flickr album:

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Here is the great piece they filmed…