We are lucky enough to have a Bushnell Trail Camera at school. These are fantastic bits of kit that allow us to remotely photograph and film wildlife. The Green Teams have been learning all about them and finding out about all the different parts and what they do.

IMG_6876 IMG_6878

The big advantage of a trail camera is that it will take pictures and videos on its own and it can also film at night! It uses a special sensor on the front to detect when an animal or bird comes in front of it and it then triggers the camera to take a photo or a video. It has special infra-red lights that allow the camera to film at night, but this light is invisible to animals.

Last week, one of our Green teams set it up in the school grounds after discovering that there was a very distinct trail… a path where it looked like something came every night! We locked the trail cam onto the fence, so it could ‘watch’ the trail and tell us what was coming. We set it to take a picture every time it detected an animal there…..

This week, we were excited to get the trail cam card back to see what we had captured. We all got very excited to see some local cats coming through… but that is not what we wanted to see…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.09.46

Then we saw something…. YES!!!! It was a fox, just as we had thought! We think that there is more than one fox, coming through our school grounds nearly every night…

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.10.13

There was something even more exciting and WildlifeKate was as excited as us…. at the very end of the card, there was this picture and it amazed us all!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 12.10.30

Yes! We have a badger coming through our school grounds! This is a creature that we had no idea was visiting us! It is great news and we are now keen to get some video clips of these visitors, rather than just pictures.

Before school, we took two Bushnells out into the school grounds and have set them in two different places where we can see trails. We are very excited to see what we can capture on them.