We keep hoping that the weather is warming up and that we don’t get too many cold and frosty nights so we can get planting in our Grow Zone. Year 3 pupils are learning all about plants in Science, so they were the first to start growing some for their Grow Zone beds. Each class sent some pupils to WildlifeKate and they planted some Peas and some special yellow French beans!

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We filled the little pots with damp compost and then stuck our finger in to make a hole. We popped  a seed in each hole and covered it up with soil,  and patted it down. We are keeping them in the classrooms until they are big enough to be transplanted into pots  and then into the greenhouse.

Some children had brought in some seeds from home! We planted a row of radish straight into the ground…

thumb_P1010315_1024 thumb_P1010314_1024

… and a row of basil for a lovely pesto in the summer!!


We just needs the nights and days to warm up so we can plant some more veg plants outside!