A little while ago, we trimmed a Willow structure we have in school, but we kept all the long ‘withies’ that we had cut off. We might have left them too long now, but we wanted to see if they might still shoot if we planted them.

The Green teams set to work this week. The first group chose to use the withies to create a teepee-type structure. They made holes in the ground, in a circle and then pushed the willow into the hole. The tops were tied together and a few thin withies wound around the edges. They were very pleased with the results!



The second team made a willow tunnel… it is looking fantastic!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 11.29.57 P1010334 P1010333

We hope that the willow will sprout and grow and then we can weave all the new growth back in to create an exciting area to play in!