We are lucky enough to have two Bushnell trail cams in school. These amazing bits of kit are remote cameras and, by using a passive IR sensor, they detect when animals are in the area and then take a video or a photo. These are saved onto an SD card. They have special Infra-red (IR) lights mean the camera can see in the pitch dark! This IR light is invisible to us and to animals but the camera can see it.

We have already captured footage of badger and fox in our school grounds, but the new NatureView Live View Bushnell camera we have got will allow us to do some close-up captures as it has 2 close-up lenses. This means we can film birds and small mammals!

Two children, Immie and Alex-Mae, have been chosen to be the ‘Bushnell Boffins! A ‘Boffin’ is a ‘scientist, engineer, or other person engaged in technical or scientific work’.This is exactly what we will be doing! The are going to be trained up to use the trail cams around school in some exciting ways. They will also be writing on this blog, showing what they have captured.


Today, we set up two Bushnells. Screwing the 60cm lens onto the front of the NatureView, we set it up in a small bird table and we topped it up with seed. At dinnertime, we are going to collect the SD card and learn how to upload the clips to share them on the blog!

P1010348 P1010349 P1010350 P1010351

Also, in our Wild Learning area, WildlifeKate had spotted that something was digging under the fence and using this as a highway into our school grounds! What animal could be doing this?


We knew how we could find out! We set the 2nd Bushnell facing this area. We had to tie it carefully to a post and then make sure it was facing in exactly the right position to capture a video of what comes through…. we can’t wait to find out!

P1010352 P1010353 P1010354


By dinnertime, we were excited to see what had visited and we took a look!

You can see more images on our Bushnell Flickr Album

Next week, we will update you on our findings and you can look forward to lots more exciting footage from our Bushnell Boffins!