The Woodland Trust offer FREE packs of trees to schools and communities and WildlifeKate applied for some so we could create a little wooded copse in our school grounds. Our trees arrived a few weeks ago and we have been watering them and they were starting to sprout so desperately needed to go outside! The free copse set contains 10 each of silver birch, rowan and wild cherry.

The eco-committee got together to plant these trees in a corner of the school grounds where we though it would be lovely to have a little copse in the future.


WildlifeKate dug the holes and eco-committee placed them in , making sure they were standing straight. We then pushed a little stick in next to them, for support and placed a plastic cover around to protect them a bit.


We talked about how we were creating a ‘legacy’ for future pupils! In about 20 years time, there will be a lovely wooded copse for pupils to sit in and for wildlife to live in.


We really enjoyed planting all of these trees and a big tank you to The Woodland trust for providing them to us and to so many other schools!P1010373