Last year, the Eco-Committee entered a competition organised by the RSPB and LightSource, Europe’s largest developer and operator of solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. They now provide solar generated electricity for over 350,000 houses!

We entered the competition which was to design a bird nest box or a bat box. The Eco-crew entered a range of designs and we were delighted when McKenzie’s design got through to the finals out of thousands of entries from all over the country! Here is McKenzie making his box last year, ready for the competition!

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 09.31.36 Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 09.31.45

Although we didn’t win the competition, McKenzie was a runner-up and we won the chance to visit a local solar Farm and to install McKenzie’s box on site.

A group of School Council members and Eco Committee had a trip out to the Six Hills Solar Farm, near Melton Mowbray with WildlifeKate and Mr Chadwick. This huge solar park has more than 69,000 solar panels and can provide a HUGE amount of electricity, using the sun! We agreed that renewable energy sources such as the sun, wind and tides were a much better way of producing electricity than using resources such as coal and oil.

It was a very cold day and it rained, hailed, snowed and we had sunshine….. all in one afternoon!! We were shown around the site and learnt about how the sun’s energy is captured by the solar panels and then converted into electricity that can be used by our homes.

Farmers can rent their land out to Light Source and we met the farmer who owned this land. He loved what was happening as he said that he earns an income, could still graze sheep on there, but best of all it was great for the wildlife!!! We were amazed to see a hare whilst we were there!

Although not at Six Hills, this videos shows the same set up and how it is helping wildlife as well as generating electricity…

We were excited by what we were seeing and how the farmers, the wildlife and our environment seems to benefit from a Solar Farm.

P1010475It was time to put our nest box up and the farmer came to help us with his tractor. We all had the chance to say hello to his three lovely dogs!

P1010478 P1010479
P1010481 P1010482

We looked at some of the suitable trees and McKenzie chose a tree in a little wooded area. The farmer climbed up on the bucket of his tractor and put the box up for us!

P1010483 P1010484 P1010485

We all hope that McKenzie’s box is a success and that a bird choses to raise a family in it! A big ‘Thank you’ to Light Source for organising the trip and allowing us to look around. Thank you also for our great solar torches and Solar Bugs!