Last Friday was an exciting night for WildlifeKate and Miss Compton as they travelled down to London for the UK Blog Awards Evening. Our school WildLearning Blog was a finalist in the UK Blog Awards, along with WildlifeKate’s own blog.

It was a big posh event in the Park Plaza Hotel right next to Westminster Bridge in London. From the front door, you could see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament!!

Everyone had to dress up, so instead of seeing WildlifeKate in her fleece and wellies (which is how everyone usually sees her at school!) she was wearing a dress. Miss Compton also had to look posher than when she is at school!

Diane & IWildlifeKate had her 2 children with her and Miss Compton’s partner, Sam came a long for the evening too.


There was lots of lovely food and drink at the event, but we were here to see how well our Wild Learning Blog had done in the competition!

We all waited, excitedly, as we waited for the education category to be announced…… we were HIGHLY COMMENDED!!!

This means that we were a runner-up in the competition! This is a very big event so we are all very pleased and proud to have got this far and we thank all of you who voted for us in the first round, to get us this far!

WildlifeKate was a finalist in her blog as well, so it was a great result… even if we didn’t actually win! We will be working hard over the next year to add even more content to our blog so that we can try again in 2017!