We are lucky to have wonderful school grounds very close to the woodlands of Hartshill Hayes. Every now and then, the wildlife comes into our school grounds and can’t find its way out. On Monday morning, we found we had a rather frightened muntjac deer on our school field. Mr Chadwick and WildlifeKate ran to get the football nets as this is a good way to capture them. They can run VERY fast and are very difficult to catch. Lots of us saw the muntjac as it ran across our playground and sped across the field.

In panic, it attempted to get through out school metal fence and, in the process, got itself securely wedged. Its shoulders are much narrower than its pelvis, and it managed to get its back leg around a second bar.

WildlifeKate ran around the block, into the cemetery, which was at the other side of the fence. Struggling through a very prickly holly hedge, she placed a t-shirt over the muntjac’s eyes so it could not see. This helps to calm it so it stopped struggling. She held it steady, making sure the t-shirt remained over the deer’s eyes.


The only way we were going to get this deer out was to temporarily remove part of the fence. We had to call the fire brigade to help us. Within a very short period of time, there was a shiny fire engine on our school field and a number of firefighters with some cool cutting gear.

Within a few minutes, we had managed to cut through the fence and we were finally able to free this very frightened deer. She ran off, seemingly none the worst for her scary ordeal.

A big thank you to Atherstone Fire Brigade who were brilliant and to Mr Webb who filmed the rescue on his phone and to Mr Chadwick who then had to repair the fence!!