We are lucky enough to be able to pop over the road to the High School to see the animals they keep there. Recently, the school acquired a very special pig… she is a species called a British Landrace Pig. Shipped over from Northern Ireland, she is an incredibly rare pig! This species is even rarer than snow leopards and giant pandas!

“Each of the animals represents 50 per cent of the mainland population of their bloodline so they definitely are very important pigs,” explained Miss Simpkin at the school.

A few weeks ago nine beautiful piglets were born and Photography Club went over to take their picture. They were a little shy, preferring to stay in their sty but we did get some shots of them!

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It was very exciting to be able to see these beautiful babies and to be able to go right in the pen. This breed is very passive and the female was not worried at all by our presence. How wonderful that these new youngsters will help to ensure that this rare breed continues to thrive. Photography Club will be uploading their images this week  and we’ll pop some on the blog soon.