Using Wildlife to Learn

Meet ‘Wren’… a new member of the MDJS family!

WildlifeKate grew up with dogs. They were a big part of her life and many of us will have dogs as part of our family. Many, however, cannot have or do not want a dog; they may not want to make that commitment or work means they cannot take on a dog who would be left for long periods on its own. WildlifeKate wanted her next dog to be very much part of the work she does both at school and in the wildlife consultancy work.

Miss Compton likes pupils being able to interact with animals in school and we have seen the immense benefits they have brought to our pupils. We have 2 rabbits, 2 guinea pigs and some chickens.  We also have a lovely labrador, Pebbles, who comes in and is our ‘reading dog’. Reluctant readers come to a quiet area with bean bags and read their books to Pebbles! Pebbles is an excellent listener and always wags her tail in support of the reader!

Many children have little or no contact with animals. Our hens and rabbits give many children their first opportunity to interact with, and learn about animals.  At the weekend, WildlifeKate took on a small 11 week old collie pup who was on her way to a rescue centre. She hadn’t exactly planned on having a puppy at this point, but this little pup needed a home and was exactly what she was looking for! She has come home with WildifeKate, but will also be a school dog! Whenever WildlifeKate is in school, this little girl will be as well

Meet ‘Wren’!!

Starting her young , Wren will get used to the school environment and will be able to accompany WildlifeKate on her work outside and give children the chance to learn more about the care and responsibility of keeping a dog. She will also give lots of children the chance to have contact with a dog, help train her and see her grow up in our school environment.

Today, Wren had her first day at school and met all the pupils in assembly!


She was not phased by all the oohs and ahhs and we are all very happy to welcome to welcome her to our MDJS family.



Look out for her in and about school!


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