Wren’s first trip out today was with the Year 3 pupils, who demonstrated how to behave when outside of the school grounds! We headed to the Hayes, where the children were set the challenge of creating a ‘Journey String’. Each child had a long length of string and they had to chose items to go on the string… items that interested them. They would have to be able to explain why they chose it.

An hour walk around the Hayes meant we collected lots of lovely things, including beautiful leaves, seeds, flowers, cones, feathers, twigs and stones.  thumb_IMG_8382_1024thumb_IMG_8383_1024thumb_IMG_8384_1024thumb_IMG_8385_1024thumb_IMG_8386_1024thumb_IMG_8387_1024thumb_IMG_8389_1024thumb_IMG_8390_1024thumb_IMG_8394_1024thumb_IMG_8395_1024thumb_IMG_8396_1024thumb_IMG_8397_1024thumb_IMG_8398_1024thumb_IMG_8393_1024

Wren took it all in her stride and behaved very well…… when we got back, she decided she needed to sleep all afternoon…… that walk had worn her out!