Where has the summer gone? The holidays always seem to pass so quickly and we are back to school, ready to start a new term before we know it! Wren was looking forward to her first day back and she is a good indication of how much time has passed. When everyone last saw Wren she was pretty small…..Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 14.04.19

Six weeks of summer holidays and Wren has now doubled in size….

IMG_8441Wren is our school dog and will be around whenever WildlifeKate is in school. Just like us, she is trying her hardest to learn how to behave properly in school. She will be visiting classes and assemblies in the next few months.

Wren is not the only things that has grown a lot! Our Grow Zone is a bit of a jungle and there is a lot of food to be harvested. As part of Year 6’s topic on World War II, they will be ‘Digging for Victory’ next week and trying up and harvesting the area. We will then be doing some cooking with our produce.

WildlifeKate spent some time in the Wild Learning area tidying up as well. We have a lovely willow dome that is a super place to sit, chill and relax. The dome is living, which means the willow keeps growing. Several times a year, it has to be trimmed and re-woven so that all the new growth is woven back in, so it gradually gets thicker and more covered…

Here is the ‘before’ picture…


… and after it has been woven in….


We also discovered some exciting…….’stuff’… well ‘poo’ to be precise…. but this is ‘special’ poo… in a little hole. It is known as a ‘latrine’ and it is where a badger has been visiting! Badgers like to dig a hole, then every night, they come and poo in the same place in the hole. This latrine tells us that our badger is visiting regularly which is fantastic news!


We set the Bushnell trail cam to ‘watch’ the area over the next week so we can see how often our badger is coming! The fox is also around too… may be we will film him on the trail cam as well.

We also have some bee hotels in our Wild Learning Area. These holes seem to be full of leaves…. they have been visited by leaf cutter bees! They have lined the tube with leaves and made little chambers where they have laid eggs and filled it with nectar and pollen. The new leaf cutter bees will develop in there and pupate, staying there until next Spring.


Lot of life still around, even though Autumn is just around the corner….. let’s hope the sun lasts a little longer, if only to make out tiny new apples grow bigger! These are the first apples we have had so far in our orchard!