With such mild weather this Autumn, the leaf colours have been spectacular! The Green Teams have spent a lot of time down at the Hayes and we have been marvelling at the wide range of colours in these beautiful leaves. We wanted to capture this, so collected colour of cards with double side tape. We had three sections and we had to try to fill by looking carefully at all the different shades of different colours. In the red section of our card, we had to find browns and reds, the green section was for all the different greens and finally, the orange section was for all the gorgeous yellows and oranges around!

Tearing off just a tiny section of the leaf, we tried to fill the sections of our cards with the many beautiful shades and hues.


We were amazed at how many different shades there were as we built them up!

The other benefit of autumn leaves is that they are great to play in! WildlifeKate told us about how she used to create ‘leaf rain’ when she was a child! We had never done it, so we had a go… great fun throwing leaves up in the air and running under them….. simply joys!


Wren, our school dog, also enjoyed time out in the woods with us!