Year 3 pupils are learning all about what it was like to live in the Stone Age. When you live in the 21st century, it is difficult to imagine what life was like without any of the modern day technologies and luxuries that we take for granted today.

To help pupils begin to understand some of what life was like, WildlifeKate took them into the Hayes to learn more about how they used to hunt and forage for food.

To replicate how hard it was to forage for enough to eat, WildlifeKate hid some food in the Hayes. First, there were Rice Crispies. These represented small berries and they were worth 1 health point each. Also hidden were Shreddies! The Shreddies represented tasty leaves and roots that may have been found and eaten. These were worth 5 health points. The pupils had to forage for these food items, imagining that whatever they found in half an hour would have to sustain them for most of the day!

It was not as easy as they first thought and it was hard to look carefully and find all the food before someone else did!


By the end of the session, everyone looked at what they had collected and imagined what it would be like if that was all they had to eat unless they went foraging again! There was not a lot of food! Everyone decided that foraging was a tough way to find food and ti made everyone appreciate a little more what life might have been like back in those times!

We all enjoyed the activity, but we were glad to head back to school , where our school dinner awaited us!

You can see more images from our Stone Age foraging on our Flickr account Album.