The Green Teams and the Outdoor Explorers have been busy in the last week or so, making and putting finishing touches to their hibernation homes. These could be suitable for all sorts of animals that would like to shelter in cold weather, but we would really like some hedgehogs to use these!

We started by going to the Hayes and collecting lots of sticks and twigs. Then, we used string and cable ties to create a tent-like structure…..


Once the structure was complete, we pulled up grass and packed it all around our structure until we could not see any gaps…


Deciding where to position our Hibernation Home, we carried them to under the hedges and around the perimeter of the Wild Learning Area. We then got the wheelbarrow and collected lots of lovely leaves. These would act like a big duvet over our shelter, helping to protect the occupants from the cold weather. We put the leaves on top and packed them down…



We had two model hedgehogs and we tested the Hibernation Home to see if they could fit in and looked cosy! We were very pleased with the results and these shelters had cost us nothing but our time and we thought they were much nicer than some of the shop bought hedgehog homes.



Now,we just hope a hedgehog will decide that they are the perfect place to sleep the winter away!