We have been working a lot in Hartshill Hayes and we are very lucky to have this wonderful space right on the school’s doorstep, within walking distance. We decided to build our own Base Camp in the woods. It would be a place to sit, talk, meet and get together. We would have to work as a team to create Base Camp and make it a great place to be.

This week, we started by clearing an area of all the leaves and debris on the floor. Some lovely big holly trees and bushes would help hide our base camp and shel;term it. We then started to make a barrier all around our camp; a bit like a natural branch and twig barrier.

We collected lots of fallen branches and pulled them into position, building them up to create mini walls. Sometimes the branches were quite big and we had to get two or even three of us to work together to move it. We worked hard for nearly an hour and were really pleased with our results.


The Ranger at The Hayes is going to help too, by getting us some logs to sit on and to clear any stuff too large for us. We all really enjoyed our time in the woods and look forward to continuing with the project this year!