With the weather picking up, the Outdoor Explorers Club and Green Team headed to the Hayes for a spot of fresh air, some exercise and to set themselves some outdoor challenges!

There are lots of natural challenges within the woodlands to test your strength, balance, fitness and skills. The first was to see who could balance along a long tree, laying on the ground. We had to try to get all the way across without falling off. Most of us thought it would be really easy, but it was harder than we first thought. Only a few of us made it the whole way without falling off.

IMG_0511Next we tried balancing along a tree that had fallen and wedged itself at an angle. We found it easy to balance on the first bit, but as it got higher, we found it harder. Everyone held on to WildlifeKate’s hand as they got to the top bit which was about 2m off of the ground. We then learnt how to jump off properly, bending our legs as we landed.

Our next challenge was further into the woods. We found a really steep set of mini hills. We had to move down the first hill at a pace that we felt was safe. Safe meant that we would be able to stop. If you run too fast down a slope, then you can’t stop and it is dangerous. We also tried to get back up the hill as fast as we could!



We found some puddles to jump in on the way back… always good fun!!


Wren really enjoyed the session too and we took it in turn to hold her lead on the way home again!



We had a great session and we certainly looked like we had been exploring in the outdoors by the time we headed back to school!!