As a reward for working so hard looking after all our school animals, the Animal Care Mentors were invited to go on a day trip to Crufts; an enormous dog show at the NEC where dogs from all over the world come to compete. Some of the Green Teams also got to go and accompanying them were WildlifeKate, Mr Chadwick and Mrs Pearson, who met us there!

This video shows some of the things you can see at Crufts…

Primarily, the show is all about the very best examples of each different type of dog, but there is much more going on there too. There is one section called ‘Discover Dogs’ and that has examples of every different type of breed . There were hundreds of them!!! We were able to go and speak to the owners and stroke their dogs… we loved it!


There are also displays of all sorts of other things. We watched some of the heel work to music… where people actually dance with their dogs! This is the winning performance!

We also got to see some of the agility competitions. WildlifeKate is going to train Wren how to do agility. It was amazing! Here is the final…

We also got to watch gun dogs at work and meet some army working dogs!

We even got to take part in the Eukanuba cooking demonstration, showing all the ingredients that go into their dog food! It was great fun!

We also met some very big dogs!!!

By the end of the day we were all pretty tired. We had walked for miles and seen SO many different dogs. We had also collected lots of stickers and rosettes from lots of different stands and learnt lots of things all about training for and caring for dogs.

What a fantastic day!