This week, the ‘Hour Space’ group had a trip to Dobbies to kick start our Grow Zone season by looking at what fruits and vegetables we could grow both from seeds and from seedlings.


We started in the seed section. WildlifeKate showed us how to read the information on the back of the packet to find out how many seeds were in the packet, how much they were and also to use the little diagram to see what time of the year they should be planted. We looked at lots of different seeds and found this information.


We then went and looked at all the seedling fruit and veg plants. We found out about all the different things we could grow in school and we chose some to buy…


We took them to the checkout to pay for them, then it was back on the minibus to school!


We will be planting these up in pots in our poly-tunnel and looking after them in there until the weather gets a bit warmer and then they can go outside into our Grow Zone!