We have really been enjoying the chicks in school! They are growing SO quickly! When they hatched at the end of the Easter holidays, they were just tiny balls of fluff!…


We all fell in love with them, of course!

The chicks visited all the classes so everyone could experience them first-hand….

There are lots more photos on our Facebook page!

The Photography Club even did a photoshoot with them, setting up little studios. The chicks were more difficult to photograph  than we thought, as they moved around so much!

Class 4PH are weighing the chicks every day and it will be interesting to see how much weight they put on over the coming weeks and months!

They now have proper wing feathers and are beginning to practise flying!! They are very funny to watch!

We will be keeping some of the female chicks and WildlifeKate and Mrs Watt are going to have the others, so they will all have good homes.