As part of the Year 3 ‘Fractured Fairytales’ topic, they have been learning all about the different parts of a fairytale and about some of the characters that are in fairytales.

All the classes had a chance to visit Hartshill Hayes to see some of the interesting evidence that WildlifeKate had found and to see if they could see anything that could suggest there might be a troll living there!

They all needed very good observation skills as everyone crept carefully all around an area that had been pointed out by WildlifeKate.

Their great skills found several pieces of evidence….

1: A den

2.  Interesting grey hair snagged on branches and holly leaves



3. Claw scrapes on a tree


4. A freshly dug holeIMG_0037

5. Some old tatty clothes

The pupils went back to the classrooms armed with lots of evidence for their writing…….

We look forward to seeing how this has informed and improved their writing!!