Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in Anglo Saxon times? Year 4 spent a day finding out. There were no ovens or microwaves in those days, so all the cooking had to be done on an open fire. The fire would also provide warmth and light for the family. It was kept burning all the time, so lots of wood was needed to enable this to happen.

To understand what it would be like, the Year 4 pupils headed off the the Hayes, to collect fire wood. This would have been a daily chore for people living in those time. Even with the whole class collecting, the wood would have only lasted a few hrs. The pupils loved bringing back the wood and WildlifeKate sawed up the bigger bits. The Green teams helped to break up the wood into manageable sized pieces.

WildlifeKate started a fire early in the morning. She had put a safety ring of sticks all the way around the fire and there was an area called the ‘Fire Zone’ that we were not allowed in unless we had been asked. The classes came down to the fire and learnt about how to be safe.

Everyone was given a cooking stick. This was a long stick with some foil on the end. Then everyone had a piece of dough. The dough was wrapped around the end of the stick.


We then carefully held the stick over the fire, turning it slowly, until the dough was cooked.

The best bit was that, when the dough was cooked, we could take it to another table. Here we broke it off the stick and covered it with jam…. it was delicious!

Guest Blog entry by Eve

Last Tuesday all the year 4’s had a chance to cook bread on a open fire, they had to go into the wood to collect dry sticks for the fire. After they had come back everyone was given sticks and they had to put dough on the foil at the end of the stick, when everyone was sorted 6 people at A time went out to the fire  to cook the dough. The year 4’s topic was the Anglo-Saxons so they where learning about them. After they had cooked the dough they put some jam on it, some of the dough was burnt in places but everyone enjoyed eating it. My favourite part was cooking the dough and eating it.

The Green Teams and Photography Club didn’t want to miss out, so they came and had a go too! What fun we’ve had and we’ve eaten lots of lovely fresh fire-cooked bread!